A Dream Come True: Lessons from the LIVE Teachings of Abraham

I could cry as I write this! This past Saturday June 1, 2013, my life partner, Moon & I decided to wake up at 5 am and drive to Stanford, Connecticut from New Jersey to attend a “Vortex of Attraction Workshop” where I witnessed the teachings of Abraham LIVE. If you are not farmiliar with Abraham-Hicks publications, Esther Hicks is an inspirational speaker and author. She co-authored eight books with her husband, Jerry Hicks. In 1985, Jerry and Esther Hicks began dialogs with Abraham, a name chosen by a group of nonphysical teachers, who deliver an inspirational message of joy and well-being. They have presented Law of Attraction workshops for Abraham-Hicks Publications in up to 60 cities per year since 1987. This original source material for the current Law of Attraction wave that is sweeping the world, and it is the 21st century inspiration for thousands of books, films, essays and lectures that are responsible for the current paradigm shift in consciousness.

But who, or what, is/are, Abraham . . . really? Abraham is a name. A symbol. A feeling. Evocative-yet simple-like we want our names to be.

Abraham has described themselves as “a group consciousness from the non-physical dimension“. They have also said, “We are that which you are. You are the leading edge of that which we are. We are that which is at the heart of all religions.”

Abraham has told us through Esther that whenever we feel moments of great love, exhilaration, pure joy, stoned-out bliss, even the energy of sexual orgasm when we feel that Energy Flow rushing through our bodies, that is the energy of Source, and that is who Abraham “is”. Jerry and Esther never used the word channeling,” Abraham reflects. “It is used when applied to them, but they have never used it, because it means many things of which they are not, you see.” Esther herself calls Abraham “infinite intelligence,” and to Jerry they are “the purest form of love I’ve ever experienced.”

A Synopsis of Abraham-Hicks’ Teachings

1. You Are a Physical Extension of That Which is Non-physical.

2. You Are Here in This Body Because You Chose to Be Here.

3. The Basis of Your Life is Freedom; the Purpose of Your Life is Joy.

4. You Are a Creator; You Create With Your Every Thought.

5. Anything That You Can Imagine is Yours to Be or Do or Have.

6. As You Are Choosing Your Thoughts, Your Emotions Are Guiding You.

7. The Universe Adores You for it Knows Your Broadest Intentions.

8. Relax into Your Natural Well-Being. All is Well. (Really It Is!)

9. You Are a Creator of Thought ways on Your Unique Path of Joy.

10. Actions to Be Taken and Possessions to Be Exchanged Are By-products of Your Focus on Joy.

11. You May Appropriately Depart Your Body Without Illness or Pain.

12. You Can Not Die; You Are Everlasting Life.

The teachings of Abraham are everything to me. The Law of Attraction Audio CD’s were the beginning of a life that I never knew existed. They reminded me of who I Am, “source energy”, and of my limitless potential upon this earth & that I was only limited by my very own imagination! They are the basis of my lives work, & the laws of the universe that govern the world around me, and that have allowed me to experience joy in the deepest sense of the word in everyday life. I grew up in a “box”, if it were not for these teachings, I would probably still be in that same box I climbed out of, being shoved through life from one stage into another, thinking I am subject to the environment and/or circumstances around me, creating my reality by default, completely lost in whatever people around me were telling me what “reality” is. I would have never even known how truly remarkable I Am. I would have never known who “I Am”.

The workshop was 4 hours long, the fact that we ended up there after much debate was a miracle in itself. When we were walking into the conference room, I could feel the INCREDIBLE energy of the audience around me brewing! How exciting! I’d like to think this was a manifestation of my wildest dreams, and I swear, it was truly UN-REAL. I had heard Esther’s voice for countless hours in my car, every night in my bed wit my pen and paper, driving to work/school, for well over 3 years now. Not to mention all of the books I had read, And WOW. She just appeared on stage before I could even pinch myself to be sure I wasn’t dreaming… I had no idea what I was in for.

Abraham came forth with new information, new analogy’s, and the questions the audience had presented Abraham with had me blown away. Every question that came into my mind and that I had held in my heart for SO LONG were answered. It was like everyone in the audience was connected in a way that was indescribable, it was definitely a co-creative, trans formative experience.

I am going to give you the best parts of this seminar, so that even if you cannot go one day for whatever reason, you can take the highlights of this workshop with you and hopefully put them into practice. The most memorable parts, and lessons, for me were 1.) “momentum” – the clogged pipe theory 2.) the grid / picking a “disk”

1.) “Momentum” – A car is parked on the top of a hill in San Francisco. You push the car, just a little, and it begins to roll slowly, you decide to stop it while you still can, before the momentum gets too strong. If you did not stop it during the early stages, momentum, as nature would have it, would not allow you to stop the car if you were at the bottom of the hill. It has gained far too much speed, far too much power. You would be taken out before you could stop it, you and the car end up in the bay at the bottom of the hill, and its all over before you know it.

The momentum of the car is like a negative thought – even 15 seconds of your attention and emotion focused on that thought has allowed it to gain momentum. After another 15 seconds, more and more momentum has gained. Before you know it, the negativity has gained so much momentum, that it is far too powerful, and much too strong to stop it in its later stages. Next thing you know, it has manifested itself all around you, you keep focusing on that thing that went wrong, and your screaming and yelling, you have lost control of your emotions, and once you hit the bottom of that hill, its all over. Far too much destruction has taken place. It is much easier to STOP the negative thought in its early stages. To be aware and conscious of these negative thoughts before it turns into something that could have been avoided. This is key.

This goes along hand-in-hand with the Clogged Pipe Analogy:

At the Abraham-Hicks center in Texas they have this beautiful pond. One day, the pond became very clouded. They had a repairman come and look at it, and they tried to put a larger pump. Time passes. Water was still cloudy. He comes back to re-asses the pond, and he discovers that the pipes were very clogged after years and years of neglect. A tremendous effort moved forth in attempt to clean these pipes. They went back, dug out the pipes, and poked and picked at the mess. They tried using snakes, and sticks, and yet, nothing would unclog these pipes. The dirt in Texas is very thick, comparable to concrete called caliche. Years and years of neglect left these pipes clogged for good.

After much struggle, they decided, why not lay new pipes? They laid new pipes on top of the land, to be sure they work. Finally, the water cleared up. Just like that. After much effort, the easiest way out was to change their focus, and to just lay new pipes, easy as that. It was like the pipes were never even clogged after that… you would have never guessed the tremendous effort that went forth in attempt to unclog these pipes at the beginning.

the lesson:

step 1: was happening. the asking. the water was asking for the cleaning.

step 2: the vortex goes into action. the universe and everyone was working to clear the water – working to giving back to the water exactly what it was asking for. everyone was working and focusing on UN-clogging these pipes, poking, and picking at this helplessly clogged pipes – focusing solely on the problem. going back and forth debating over this issue was not allowing step 3 to happen. It was like they were all bound up in old habits of thought that did not resonate with the flow of the water. You begin to assume all these crazy distorted reasons why these pipes are clogged, and sometimes you feel defeated, out of wack, or maybe even like giving up. Picking at every detail, going back over a million times why these pipes are clogged. We can compare this to our own lives. We start to think about our own clogged pipes. We want to know why we are not getting what we are asking for. We become so focused on the problem and in trying to figure out where it all went wrong. We want to see the solution, which is on a totally different frequency then the problem. And yet we are still so caught up in all of the details and the frustration of the problem. What did the details of the problem matter anyway in the end? It was unnecessary frustration, leading to mis-creation.

Focusing on the problem was sending out the wrong frequency into the universe – emitting negative energy when you are searching for a positive outcome. The law of attraction will not allow it. You cannot set yourself on a negative frequency and expect positive results. It like listening to the radio, tuned into 1010 am and expecting 990 am to play… it just wont happen. The laws of the universe will not allow it to align itself with you.

the solution in order to allow step 3 to happen was to just lay new pipes. To tune into a new station, a new frequency where love is flowing and in harmony with what you are asking. It is from that place that you may receive that which was in alignment with the “asking”. Who care’s who/what/why/when & all of the other gross details WHY the problem occurred?! The details won’t make you feel good!

We must begin to realize that the problem & the solution are always on two different frequencies. Once we recognize this in our day-to-day lives, is when we can begin to start focusing on the solution right from the beginning once something gets out of wack.

step 3: New Pipes = Clear Water. The solution came from a place of love & harmony – in which allowed the universe to align the asking with it.

All the details of the problem did not make anyone feel good, they’re frequency was not in alignment with the solution. The solution derived from love and joy, they were so caught up in all the problems that MOMENTUM was just picking up getting carried away, when suddenly, the energy (or frequency) changed, and it was like everything flowed back into alignment and all was well again! This speaks for so many of us that get caught giving too much attention to that which is not in alignment of what we are asking. We must recognize when we are giving our attention to the unwanted things! We must not allow it to become the focus of our universe, because the SOLUTION is on a totally different frequency.

Constantly pay attention to how you feel, it is the best indication system to let you know if you are in alignment with what you are wanting. If you feel good, good things will flow. If you feel bad, then you MUST STOP before MOMENTUM gets going and it will be too hard to stop! Go GENERAL when you feel down. Start to focus on things that DO make you feel good – no matter what those things are. “I love the feeling sunshine on my skin, I love the feeling of freedom, I LOVE my puppy that always greets me with so much love!” and when you begin to get back into alignment with “source” (you will know when you are because you will feel good!) then naturally, those things that you are wanting – the solution – will fall into place naturally.

Onto “The Grid” & Picking a Disk :D

Recently Abraham has taught us that feelings are manifestations. When most of us talk about our manifestations, we think about 3-D stuff in physical form: the homes, cars, vacations, romantic partners and incomes of our dreams. If something we want doesn’t yet exist in physical form, we say we haven’t manifested it yet. According to Abraham, that’s too narrow a definition. When we make Law of Attraction all about getting the stuff, we forget that good feelings – happiness, positive expectation, optimism, excitement – always precede the arrival of stuff.

If you just had a fun, pleasant exchange with your bank teller, the cashier at Panera, or your next door neighbor, that’s not a trivial thing. Rather, it’s a positive manifestation. As such, it indicates: 1) you are in the Vortex, 2) you are in alignment with everything you’ve been asking for, and 3) you are closer than ever to receiving what you want.

This is terrific news, as long as you  don’t get hung up on “Well, if I’m that close, where is it already?” The feelings of frustration, annoyance and dismay evoked by that question are most definitely a negative manifestation.Anytime we insist that we can’t be satisfied until we have attained a specific goal in physical form, we make ourselves wait even longer for it, because our negative emotion generates resistance that repels what we want instead of attracting it!

So, what is the grid and how does it help?

A grid is simply a point of attraction, a point of vibration signaling to Universe. Thinking of it as a grid is an easy way to create stronger focus and better manage your vibrational point of attraction. Grid statements that make you feel better are manifestations of a vibrational shift in you that the universe will begin to respond to – and quickly. Abraham explains that these responses from the universe “fill in the Grid.”

As long as you continue to maintain your good feelings, the universe continues to fill in the Grid with people, circumstances and events that match your statements. “The universe makes all things possible for me in an easy, enjoyable way.”

Working with the Grid releases resistance by allowing you to go general. Then you’re a vibrational match to your Vortex and can receive the specifics in it. Many of us have gotten hung up on getting into the Vortex – we’ve worked so hard to do this that we’ve created resistance. With the Grid process you automatically receive what’s in your Vortex without all the hard work. How incredible is that? When you deliberately spend time imagining the good feeling thoughts, feelings and memories around a certain emotion that you would like to associate with your desires, very quickly you will be experiencing more of that emotion. When you experience more of a positive emotion more of the time, then you will start to attract experiences that “fit” with that positive emotion. As you have more and more similar experiences, all of which “fit” with that positive emotion, you will attract more and more to feel that way about, and more ideas and inspiration, which will lead to opportunities and more experiences to be happier and happier about.

You can do this too! We are all on this amazing co-creative experience together, and the universe is waiting to bring you exactly what you have always wanted for as long as you allow it to enter your life, simply by being a vibrational match to that which you are wanting.

“You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.”

“By choosing better-feeling thoughts and by speaking more of what you do want and less of what you do not want, you will gently tune yourself to the vibrational frequency of your Broader Perspective. To see your world through the eyes of Source is truly the most spectacular view of life, for from that vibrational vantage point, you are in alignment with — and therefore in the process of attracting — only what you would consider to be the very best of your world.


4 thoughts on “A Dream Come True: Lessons from the LIVE Teachings of Abraham

    • I was second guessing going! just because the tickets were $200 each, but in all honesty, the information she gives is so priceless… and hearing Esther live after listening to her for hours and hours.. oh man… hehe. I know I manifested this for myself somehow 🙂 it was the best. plus who knows how long she’s going to keep touring?! but thank you for your comment! your blog is amazing as well… I love how open you are and all of the beautiful messages and artwork you incorporate. Your a beautiful positive messenger! keep going, good things are coming for you! yay! love & light – always.

      • thank you so much! esther’s coming to seattle this summer, which is not that far from me. it’s really a no-brainer 🙂 and you are so right, who knows how long we’ll have the opportunity to witness the magic live. yay! all the best to you! it’s a great ride in this vortex! aleya

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