Hello Himalayan Salt! Goodbye Air Pollutants.


Himalayan Salt Lamps are another “necessity” of mine that I wish I would have discovered ages ago! I have one on both floors in my home, and if it were up to me, they would be in every single room! Your probably wondering why on earth anyone would need that many, or any at all for that matter? Fact is, Himalayan Salt Lamps are just the latest, albeit most exotic, forms of negative ion delivery systems. There’s scientific evidence floating about the holistic health community that claims a lamp or two installed in one’s home can offer amazing health benefits–particularly if you suffer from a variety of bronchial and sinus conditions. Looking for a natural comparison? Imagine standing atop a mountain and breathing rarified air. Exposing oneself to a Himalayan Salt Lamp is regularly compared to this type of experience.

After all, the salt is mined from the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains formed over 200 million years ago! It is so pure that it requires little or no refining. Salt crystal lamps propagate negative Ions that purify the surrounding air. These negative ions attach to the positive ions in the air and neutralize them.

Positive ions are introduced into the air by such things as air conditioners, computers, electronic devices, light fixtures, appliances, pollution, etc. They are not helpful to our human physical system.

Nikola Tesla’s research showed that too many positive ions in the air will cause you to feel depressed, lethargic and full of aches, pains and complaints. More negative ions in the air cause you to feel energized, calm and clearer. The air is actually purer, fresher and cleaner.

By placing a lamp in a room, as it heats up, the lamp emits negative ions, thereby increasing the ratio of negative to positive ions, cleansing the air in a natural way. This is the same process as a thunderstorm causing the air to feel clean and fresh, or the calming effect you feel when you’re near a stream or waterfall. This is nature’s way of cleaning the air we breathe!

Himalayan Salt is known as the most pollutant free form of salt on the earth, Himalayan salt contains over 84 minerals and trace elements. Found at locations so high there’s not a trace of pollution or environmentally compromised material in the air, Himalayan salt is light years away from the chemically-altered salt reduced to a sodium and chloride mix most commonly found on grocery shelves and rarely touted as being beneficial to the human body. Himalayan salt, some proclaim, approximates primal oceanic elements our bodies were exposed to during the earliest stages of man’s evolution, which is why it claims to have so many healing properties when negative ions are disbursed from its crystals. To add to its mystique, authentic salt crystals come from the deepest mines on earth located under the foothills of the Himalayan Mountain range. Crystals are hand-harvested from mineral deposits on salt cave floors that have been dated by geologists to the Precambrian Age.

There are so many amazing benefits from Himalayan Salt Lamps that you may not fully realize how powerful these lamps can be for your home’s atmosphere and your family’s health until you try it for yourself. People all over the world are coming to understand the immense benefits from the use of Himalayan Salt Lamps. So, now you may be asking where to place your Himalayan Salt Lamp for maximum benefits?

Place a Himalayan Salt Lamp in your bedroom to help clear sinuses during the night when the body’s defense system is most relaxed and receptive and to help intensify your sleep experience. Install one in the room in which you relax — family room, living room, den–to freshen the air and make family time, reading and hobbies more pleasurable. Enjoy reduced fatigue–especially during that 3 p.m. slump–by putting a Himalayan Salt Lamp to work in your home office. You’ll not only transform the air you’re breathing, but you’ll reduce the amount of electro-magnetic pollution office equipment disburses. Keep a lamp nearby when you’re studying to increase your powers of concentration when you peruse material you’re learning. Meditation practitioners extol the virtues of the Himalayan Salt Lamp when used in conjunction with yoga, deep breathing and other meditative efforts. Allergy sufferers are said to benefit greatly from exposure to this clean, naturally-ionized air. Where’s your favorite place? Enhance it with a lamp. Additionally, place the lamp as close to the person in need of the therapeutic effects as possible, because even a large lamp will only positively impact the air of people in close proximity to it — perhaps a few feet at most.

click the link below to order your salt lamp today! 🙂

WBM Himalayan Light #1002 Natural Air Purifying Himalayan Salt Lamp with Neem Wood Base, Bulb and Dimmer switch

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