‘Allowing’ the Creative Cooperation to Flow

Today I’m going to share something close to my heart with my readers for the very first time – my art work! I recently finished an oil painting entitled “The Road to Happiness”. It took about 2 weeks to completion, and was given to my beloved hubby as a birthday gift.

Looking back upon the creative process I underwent, as far as gathering the materials and the DIVINE inspiration that came through me for this painting, I received a deep message I feel will resonate with you as well.

My deadline was up, it was the very last day I had to make any changes to the painting. Initially, when I started, I knew that this was only the third oil painting I had ever done in my life and I just wanted to do a simple landscape of a place I had seen in my minds eye, deep in the woods. Nature has this incredible ability to bring us back to our roots, and ground us. I wanted people to look into the painting and almost imagine themselves walking down that road towards the majestic sunlight. I sat for a long time staring down the empty road, and I kept visualizing a traveler, or a wanderer just strolling down the happy road…

That’s when I allowed fear to step it. I was doubting my ability to create such a figure. I started worrying that I might destroy all of my hard work with the black paint I wanted to use to create this man.  I quickly realized I was over thinking the situation. I quickly grabbed my cell and took a quick shot of the photo, and sent it to the most amazing Artist/Spiritualist/Mentor I know, Shalima.

As soon as she received this photo, she was shocked to see what I had accomplished. After all, she was the one who gave me my very first oil painting set! I felt better almost immediately, and confessed to her my fears of taking a risk.

Shalima replied, as an Angel would:

“It’s never a risk, just do it! What’s the risk? That you might have to buy new paint?! The Risk is when you don’t take it, and run with it! Don’t ever be afraid to apply paint, or to try different things. You could be stopping what’s trying to come out of you. If you make a mistake, you start over. It’s just paint. So, DIVE IN. Allow the creative cooperation to flow in…. out…. in….. out….”

And so I did, with my new found courage, I DOVE IN and did the best that I knew I could. That was the best advice anyone could ever give to a Artist. We are all artists by nature, each day our lives are like a blank canvas, and we are the painter of our universe. So, DIVE IN! Have No Fear! And trust that your being guided and supported by the universe to accomplish even your wildest dreams!

The “Creation Process”

1 2 3

I sat staring blankly at this road for a LONG TIME! LOL, I knew something was missing! photo-4

The final product, “The Road to Happiness”


10 thoughts on “‘Allowing’ the Creative Cooperation to Flow

  1. I didn’t get back to this and I’d forgotten where it was that this story so impacted me – not suddenly – over some time now – apparently since October 14.

    I used this story and still do. I visualize in a new way because of the story and the painting.

    So, I thank you again.

    ~ Eric

  2. A fine piece of work. That figure is great by the way! You would love to be taking that journey with him/her, wouldn’t you? 🙂

      • You’re welcome. That was a fine post btw just published by you on money and abundance. You might care to watch out for my 2nd post on Attitudes to Wealth, due for imminent release 🙂

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