Manifest Wellness: ‘Disease vs. Dis-Ease’

We all know the medical term ‘Disease’ simply represents any group of symptoms grouped together and given some type of name. For example, a cough, sneeze, drowsiness, and runny nose grouped together is given the name “Common Cold”; abnormal growth of cells in the body is given the name “Cancer”, etc…The term disease is the way most of  us have come to look at the absence of health. Disease is presented as if it has an existence of its own separate and apart from us or separate and apart from our bodies. We talk about disease as if somehow disease enters in to us as an unwelcome guest which then in some way must be chased out. Western medicine has taken an allopathic approach to disease, meaning, a method of combating disease with remedies (pills, vaccinations, surgery) that produce effects different from those caused by the disease itself.

The idea that disease has an existence of its own, even in the case of bacterial or viral “causes” is erroneous. Disease does not exist apart from us. Even in the event of the presence of microbial parasites within the body, disease is still not separate from us. Microbial parasites do not cause disease all by themselves. They do not go around looking for small children or haggled adults to pounce upon.  As a matter of fact most microbes which supposedly “cause” disease can be found in or on our bodies on any given day and yet we are not experiencing disease. The microbes by themselves are generally quite harmless. That is, if our body is free of dis-ease.

Now the term Dis-Ease on the other hand has nothing to do with symptoms, conditions, or Latin given names of diagnosis. The term Dis-Ease simply means lack of ease or harmony within the body. It occurs when for any reason the Innate Intelligence of the body is not able to carry out its functions to its optimal capacity. This would obviously occur whenever there is interference in the transmission of mental impulses in the body (nervous system primarily), resulting in less than 100% optimal function.

This is the concept which must be studied and understood if health is the desired experience that we wish to have in our lives. Disease is the concept of an entity unto itself which some how attacks us. Dis-ease is the concept that un-ease is a body which is NOT functioning properly, or more accurately, a body which is working outside of the law of life. This is the actual cause of disease.

Disease is actually the end result of Dis-ease. A body in dis-ease is on the road to disease. It does not matter whether symptoms of disease or any manifestation of disease exist at the present moment or not. If a body is not at ease, if it is not within proper function, it is in a state of disharmony – dis-ease. The state of dis-ease does not have any symptoms. You cannot feel disharmony when it first occurs. Only in a state of dis-ease, disharmony, or malfunction can disease exist. Even in the case of microbial diseases, what are known as bacterial or viral infections, the “disease” can only exist in a body which is already in a state of dis-ease or internal disharmony. Only when internal disharmony exists first, can a disease manifest within that individual body.

Disease does not need to be attacked or combated as if in a war. Harmony, ease, and proper function only need to be re-established. Un-ease, disharmony and malfunction are the conditions which must exist in order for disease to manifest. The restoration of ease will allow harmony and proper function to be re-established. Once ease, harmony and proper function are established, it becomes nearly impossible for disease to exist and manifest within the body.
Disharmony and interference only need to be removed from the body. Once interference is removed, unease and disharmony can no longer exist. When unease (dis-ease) no longer exists, disease naturally can no longer exist.
Ease – Harmony – Health is the natural result. It is OUR job to take preventative measures by becoming aligned with Wellness of the Mind, Body, and Spirit. Choose not to empower health issues by focusing on a particular ailment, but to empower yourself by giving focus to your TOTAL health and wellness.
18 Steps to Manifest Wellness:
1. Exercise sufficiently (yoga, walking, join a gym, ect.)
2. Sleep at least 8 hours a night
3. Make time for the most important & inspiring people in your life
4. Cultivate Optimism. Remove ‘Toxic’ people, environments, thoughts/beliefs from your life
5. Eat healthy, organic, nutrient rich foods
6. Make time to relax and heal yourself each day
7. Spend time in nature everyday
8. Find a hobby that makes you happy (Get Creative!)
9. Set goals (Create a ‘Vision Board’ to depict and lead you to your desired future)
10. Develop methods for coping. Spend time writing in a journal (dreams, emotions, and desires)
11. Find peace with the world, yourself, and others though meditation and spiritualism
12. Read books that empower your and make you feel good
13. Practice acts of kindness
14. Learn to forgive
15. Get INSPIRED everyday
16. Express gratitude
17. Love Yourself Unconditionally
18. Live in the Present Moment
My Friend: Always, Always, Always Remember… You control your Own Life Experience. No one can take that power away from you unless you allow it. Step into your power, and you step back into who you really are.
You, My Friend, are Limitless.

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5 thoughts on “Manifest Wellness: ‘Disease vs. Dis-Ease’

  1. love it – do you have references for the disease/dis-ease element of the above? I’m really interested to read more.

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