Can Diet Alone Cure Deadly Disease?

90-year-old Charlotte Gerson looks very healthy for her age. Her blue eyes seem to sparkle with youth and vitality.

Gerson believes that modern medicine and doctors should be avoided. She says doctors and pharmaceutical companies want us to be sick because that’s how they make their money. That may sound extreme, but it does make logical sense.

Modern medicine claims that chronic terminal illnesses such as cancer and diabetes are incurable, but Gerson argues otherwise. In the acclaimed Gerson DVD’s Gerson says that what’s needed is to stop focusing on treating the symptoms of these diseases, and instead focus on restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself. Gerson maintains that this can be done entirely through diet – namely, an organic vegetarian diet including lots of raw fruit and vegetable juices.

Perhaps the most fascinating part of Charlotte Gerson’s story is her father.

Dr. Max Gerson attended medical school just like most doctors, but he had a problem: He had severe migraines. When he asked his professors and other doctors about it, they told him migraines were incurable, and that he would simply have to learn to live with them.

Unwilling to accept this, Dr. Gerson set out on a mission to find a way to cure his migraines. He talked to all kinds of doctors and subscribed to every medical journal he could find.
One day, he came across an obscure article about a woman whose migraines had disappeared after she’d changed her diet. The idea of changing his diet had never even occurred to Dr. Gerson, but he decided to try it.

He began by eating nothing but apples and found that his migraines went away. He then slowly started adding other foods. He quickly learned which foods he couldn’t handle, since his migraines would come back within twenty minutes of eating those foods. In this way, he developed a special diet that appeared to be an excellent treatment for migraines.

He then began suggesting his newfound dietary protocol to patients with migraines. Sure enough, patients who followed his instructions reported that their migraines had disappeared.

Then, something unexpected happened.

One migraine patient claimed had another problem, skin tuberculosis, that was also going away thanks to the diet. Intrigued, Dr. Gerson began treating other skin tuberculosis patients with the diet and found that they too were cured.

After further experimentation, he eventually discovered that the diet seemed to cure all kinds of chronic diseases. It was then that he realized he wasn’t really treating diseases at all, but rather restoring the body’s natural ability to heal itself.

Max Gerson later founded the Gerson Institute and published a book describing the use of his dietary method to treat cancer patients. His daughter, Charlotte, has followed in his footsteps and continues to spread his message.

The message is very simple:

Healthy food is the only medicine your body needs.

According to the Gersons, healthy food means organic, non-processed vegetarian food free of all chemicals and pesticides. Organic plant foods contain all the nutrients our bodies need, and the more of those nutrients we can take in, the better.

We can absorb the maximum amount of nutrients through juicing. This is because solid foods contain fiber, which makes them filling. Because juicing removes fiber, it lets us take in more nutrients without feeling full.

At the Gerson Institute, patients with cancer, diabetes, obesity, and other chronic diseases are treated with organic vegetarian diets including around five glasses of juice per day. According to Charlotte Gerson, all that juice amounts to about twenty pounds of food!

The public has long been brainwashed to believe that doctors and pills are what we need to heal ourselves, but Charlotte Gerson is optimistic. She says people are beginning to open their eyes to the benefits of juicing and an organic vegetarian diet.

Discover more truths about healing at Gerson Media.

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2 thoughts on “Can Diet Alone Cure Deadly Disease?

  1. I don’t take any drugs (not even aspirin) so I can totally relate to this belief system. I have yet to meet anyone who takes the usual “array” of modern meds and who is actually healthy and vibrant. Good food, clean water and air, lots of exercise…bring it on! Genetics are not the whole story either, as some people like to think.

    Following your blog now. 🙂

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