Brittish Man Cures ‘Incurable’ Cancer by Changing Diet

Doctors told Allan Taylor, 78, in April that his cancer couldn’t be treated and had spread from his colon to his small intestine.

In August the retired oil rig engineer from Middlesbrough got another letter – to say he was cancer-free.

He puts the change down to his new diet, which he adopted after looking up ‘colon cancer cures’ on the internet.

A grandfather, who was told by doctors that his cancer was ‘incurable’, has been given the all-clear less than four months later – after trying a different diet.

Allan Taylor could have been forgiven for fearing the worst when doctors told him they could do nothing to treat his condition.

But the 78-year-old would not give up, and instead searched the internet for an alternative method to fight his cancer.

Given the all-clear: Allan Taylor, 78, beat cancer by changing his diet and taking herbal remedies

Given the all-clear: Allan Taylor, 78, beat cancer by changing his diet and taking herbal remedies.

After studying websites, he decided to radically change his diet – and found his condition improved dramatically.

Mr Taylor, a retired oil rig engineer from Middlesbrough, replaced red meat and dairy products with 10 portions of raw fruit and veg each day.

His diet included powdered grass, curry spices, apricot seeds and selenium tablets.

Mr Taylor made the changes after he received a letter on April 30, telling them were was no point having any more chemotherapy as it would not cure him and neither would an operation.

‘They said if they cut out the cancer it would just pop up somewhere else,’ he told the Sunday Mirror.

‘But I was determined to stay positive and decided to find my own cure.

‘I was determined to stay positive and decided to find my own cure’

‘On August 6 I got a letter from North Tees hospital to say a scan had shown my cancer had gone and “the abnormality is no longer visible”. I’m all clear.’

Mr Taylor’s ordeal began in February last year when he noticed a two-inch lump in his abdomen. He was sent for a scan and told he had colon cancer.

Last September he underwent an operation, during which a surgeon removed a nine-inch section of his colon, and he began a three-month course of chemotherapy.

But in April this year he was told the cancer had spread to small intestine.

Mr Taylor responded by tapping the words ‘colon cancer cures’ into an internet search engine.

He used the information, together with advice from his local health food store, to devise his new diet.

He believes that having a teaspoon of powdered barley grass in hot water every morning and night was particularly crucial.

‘There is no question in my mind that my diet saved my life,’ he said. ‘And all it cost was £30 a week.’


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2 thoughts on “Brittish Man Cures ‘Incurable’ Cancer by Changing Diet

  1. Diet has SO much to do with health and getting well when we are ill. Sadly, it’s something too many people still discount as not worth looking into. I know of several people with incurable cancer, who not only beat it but got much healthier, going the natural route and not drugs, chemo, surgery. Thanks for this inspiring post.

    • Thanks for your thoughtful response! This is true! It’s easy to discount the importance of our daily diet with so many opportunities to make the wrong choices. Everywhere we look in the supermarkets or just driving around you see Chain restaurants and fast food everywhere! Eeeek! (This is true In jersey at least) We need to stop “out sourcing” our food supply and begin by empowering ourselves by growing our own foods and cooking at home. The simpler the better 🙂 that’s if you love and cherish your body, mind, and soul… After all all these are inter connected 🙂 I hope you have an inspiring and beautiful day!

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