Autumn: A Time for Reflection

dv520008-e1318197353591This morning I awoke in a bit of a fog, but with my crazy puppy Bella’s eyes peering up at me,

I knew it was time to get up!


(that’s her “COME ON MOM, LET’S GO OUTSIDE” face, how could I refuse?)

So I stumbled out of bed, and manage to open my window, to find the majestic sun shining bright! It was indeed, time for a walk. I drank my morning cup of tea & bundled up. As soon as I stepped outside and felt the healing rays of the sun warming my skin, I instantly felt alive again! I practiced deep breathing as I walked along the path. Clarity and peace awakened my senses again. The sound of the colorful leaves crunching under my feet, they release the most crisp scent. How grateful I am to be alive, and fully aware in this precious moment.  We stop to sit under a big old tree, and I look up to the most gorgeous green, yellow, orange, and red leaves rustling in the wind.  I am inspired by the beauty and grace of each falling leaf. In perfect timing, and with little to no resistance, they fall. Embracing the changes of the earth, adapting with ease. The trees are left bare, and go into hibernation for the dead of winter. The animals begin taking shelter below the surface of the earth while they await the warming of Spring in the womb of Mother Earth. This is also the time of year when the animal life which depends on nature’s nutrients either go into hibernation or seek out warmer climates.

I am reminded that nature’s cycles are mirrored in our lives. Autumn is a time for letting go and releasing things that have been a burden. Although activity thrives during the autumn and winter, too, there’s a different aura present. One can think about his endeavors — why he attempted them, and where they’ve brought him.

God allows the spiritual seasons of our lives to coincide with the physical seasons. There’s hope there. Regardless of droughts, floods or failed crops, there’s always another tomorrow. More rain eventually comes to counteract the drought, flood waters dry up and a profitable crop surfaces when the time is right. If spring and summer were always present there would be no time to regenerate.

Autumn brings wisdom, reflection and time to repair and plan. New chances and new life are promised. 

What is your life yielding this autumn? Can you recognize what you’ve planted and what you’ve reaped, and why, in your spiritual and physical life? We need this period of fall — of yield and collecting and gathering — to see where we are and what direction we must now take. There are lessons to be learned from our times of activity and productivity. But we can only find what Spirit is attempting to show us by stepping back, ridding ourselves of some of our leaves of dogged purpose and just being still for a while. Fall is the right time to practice getting out of the way and letting Spirit take charge of our lives. Trust that you are being guided, we are more then just these physical bodies. We are an extension of Source Energy. At any given moment, we can tune into that part of ourselves. Simply by taking deep cleansing breaths, and by paying attention to how we feel. Our instincts always know. Source is always with you, flowing through you, looking at life with you. You are never alone.

Allow the blending of Source Energy ‘the real You’, to flow through You, in each moment.

Here, you will find Peace, Clarity, & Love.

Feel free to share you thoughts in the comments section below!

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