Looking for the Perfect Gift?


Today I would like to share with you my secret to eliminating stress when it comes to picking the perfect gift for your loved ones! I like to call this technique “Gifting with Spirit” and it can be used not just during the holiday season, but whenever you wish to gift that special someone!

Before you scurry out of your car and run into the store, I want you to take a couple of deep breaths. It takes a few minutes to enter a meditative state. Focus on breathing in and out and slowly lowering your rate of breathing. This not only eliminates distractions but it forces your heart rate down and relaxes your body.

Once you are in a state of complete relaxation, I want you to call upon Spirit, Angels, Ancestors (whoever you wish to work with from the Spirit Realm) and imagine the person you wish to gift. Ask Spirit to assist, by working through you, to find the perfect gift for this special someone. Always conclude by bringing your hands in prayer at the heart – giving gratitude and thanks. I say, “Thank you, I Love you, And so it is.”


I cannot tell you how many times I have done this, and the person receiving the gift says “I really needed this” or “I really wanted this, but felt guilty buying it for myself”.

A funny story: I was looking for the perfect last minute birthday present for my sister-in-law in Barnes and Noble. I was feeling rushed, and disoriented running back and forth like a crazy person through a hundred isles of books! That’s when I decided to find a corner to hide, and take a couple deep breaths until I felt centered, and relaxed. I called upon Spirit to help me find the perfect gift for my loving sister-in-law. I gave thanks, and when I opened my eyes, I felt a new sense of clarity. I headed straight to the new age section, and picked up the most beautiful Angel Dreams Oracle Cards off the shelf, and as I was dashing to the cashier I picked up a Jasmine and Bamboo scented candle without even thinking. Finally I was out of there!

Later  on that evening, as she was unwrapping her gifts, she took out the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards in shock, and showed her husband, his mouth fell open. Then she pulled out the candle, and smelt it, and she made her husband smell it, and they were hysterical laughing! I asked, “What’s so funny!?!”, and she explained to me that they were in barnes and noble two days ago, and she picked up the same exact angel dream cards, because she has been taking a Oracle Card Reading class, but decided against purchasing them because she had some cards at home she thought she could use. When she went to class later that day, she was informed that she couldn’t use the old cards, and her teacher told her to go back and buy the Angel dream oracle cards! As if that wasn’t funny enough, she told me that she picked up that same exact candle as she was leaving the store, but didn’t buy it because she thought it was over priced! Her husband was standing by nodding, confirming her story was true, in both disbelief and shock. I never doubted her for a second. For I know the power of Spirit, and I could not take all the credit. I confessed to her that Spirit worked through me that day, and wanted her to have those gifts. They were, indeed, a gift from Spirit.

Every time we get together, We use the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards. I feel overjoyed to know that I brought something so useful to her life, for her to enjoy. It is all too often that we purchase things for ourselves, and for others, that we do not need. Those things add up and clutter our environment and our lives. Perhaps if we can learn to Gift with Spirit on our side, then we can bring more useful & meaningful gifts into each others lives. I know this method will serve you well, feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment box below. Happy Manifesting!


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