Leading a Purpose Driven life in the New Year


It’s incredible how fast life can change. This morning, on the last day of 2013 I took time to reflect back on some of the highlights & pitfalls of this past year. It seems like it flew by even faster then I can comprehend? Am I the only one who feels this way?

I was still working at Ferrari this time last year. Yes, I was considered “successful” by definition. In truth, I was living to work – trying to fill something inside of myself that was empty. My life lacked purpose, I found myself sleep walking through life. My soul was crying out for change. That’s when I made my first New Year’s Resolution – and stuck to it.

I wanted to live a fulfilled, well-balanced life. I wanted my health back, emotionally and physically. I was drained from the stress of working many hours for so long, that I neglected almost every other area of my life. I had no time for myself. I went from 130 lbs to 160 in matter of a year from lack of exercise, sitting at a desk 8 hours a day, eating unhealthy take out food. In doing so, I became ill and overweight. I hardly slept throughout the night – kept awake by overwhelming thoughts relentlessly racing through my head as I attempted to juggle so many different pieces of my life, finding unfulfillment at every turn. I craved peace of my mind. My personal relationships and home life suffered as a result of my emotional imbalance. My spirit was depleted.

It all changed when I made a choice. No one was forcing me to be there, and quite honestly, I had a realization that I didn’t want to be anymore. My heart just wasn’t in it. During that time I dove deep into self-contemplation. I wanted to be sure I was making the right decision leaving my job. At first I was afraid, but the entire two weeks leading up to my last day I felt something shift within me. It was like the universe was giving me signs, pushing me in a new direction, allowing opportunities to come to me in perfect synchronicity, and I just knew in my gut that I was making the right choice.

An example of this: They hire my replacement, a young woman about the same age as I, that I was responsible to train. During those two weeks, we almost instantly clicked together like two pieces of a puzzle. We connected on a deep, profound, spiritual level, and usually I don’t open myself to such intimate conversations with my colleges. She understood what I was seeking. She tells me about this revolutionary bee pollen supplement that she has been selling to thousands of people, and changing their lives with it. At first, I dismissed the power of bee pollen, but after doing research and discovering it contained nothing but natural herbs – I decided to try it for myself. Incredibly, Bee pollen was exactly what I needed to jump-start my transformation to a physically healthier lifestyle. Two months later, I was 30 lbs lighter, and I am still a healthy weight of 130 lbs today. Call it a short cut, or whatever you want – but it helped me detox all of the garbage processed food that was clogging my digestive system. My body began to naturally crave healthier foods. Because it suppressed my appetite, I was able to make more conscious choices as to what I was putting into my body, and I decided I wanted to stop eating meat. I still eat some seafood, but I cut all meat out of my diet still to this day. I  was able to re-program my diet habits for life. I was so amazed by my results that I decided to share my discovery with the world!

I left Ferrari with a clear vision of what I truly want for my future. I simply decided to stop wasting my time – although I am grateful for the opportunity and all that I learned through that experience, but by far the most important understanding I gained at a very young age, was how precious each moment is.

When I walked out the door on my last day – it was a monumental moment for me. I felt a sense of freedom. I want to use each moment wisely – because up until this time, I had no time to do anything. I created lifestyle and a business that revolves around wellness – what is more fulfilling then that? I have so much good energy to direct that I paint, read, exercise regularly – running, doing yoga, & lifting weights that has helped me sculpt a body I never dreamed possible. I spend time with family and loved ones that are the most positive influences in my life (that includes my little puppy). I meditate every evening before bedtime – and sometimes I wake around 5 am just to meditate. I have found meditation to be the most powerful tool to my success. It helps me maintain the highest vibration possible to allow inspiration and manifestations to continually flow into my life. Literally anything I can imagine as if it were real – manifests itself into the physical.

As for the future – I see a Wellness Center – A Sanctuary to nourish and heal the mind, body, and spirit of children, adults, and elders  🙂

No one else can actually make you “see” the light in the darkness. They can help you to open and awaken to what already rests within, essentially giving you permission to access aspects of yourself you had previously not given yourself permission to awaken. Once you do awaken to the stillness and silence that rest beneath the layers of activity in your daily life, you will know it’s there and forever available to you. Like a choppy, turbulent, stormy sea that surrenders to the calming, tranquility of a still, serene pond, in meditation, the active mind progressively slows to more subtle levels of quietude. Each day, when your meditation is over, you will be able to “listen” to life with greater appreciation and understanding and to live your life with greater grace and ease.

How has your life changed in the past year? What life lessons have you learned that you would like to share with others? I’d love to hear your feedback in the comments section below.

Wishing you Self Fulfillment Beyond Your Wildest Dreams in 2014. The New Energy is Here to Support & Lovingly Guide You to make the Changes You Wish to See!


2 thoughts on “Leading a Purpose Driven life in the New Year

  1. I didn’t know all that – I knew honey is a terrific supplement… and used with lemon, cinnamon and other fruits or herbs is a beefed up almost meal in some cases… thanks for the update – glad you are feeling amazing.
    Happy New Year
    ~ Eric

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