The Greatest Secret


Should I be ashamed? I don’t think so. I intend to inspire.

Others see that, and they always ask me what I am doing differently? like I’m some freak of nature that easily manifests everything I want.

I’m often accused of living in a “world of my own with rainbows and butterflies”. They often confuse my cheerfulness with being on some kind of drug… and, of course, they tell me that they need some of whatever i’m on. Sometimes I find it funny, other times, It confuses me. It makes me question myself.

for example… my attitude in life can be mistaken as “careless” or “selfish” and “not living in reality”.

The truth is, yes, I am constantly living in my own little world, conjuring up dreams and desires to be fufilled. This is the souls way of seeking expansion and growth through this experience. People who see it as anything other than my experience, are not focusing on themselves. This idea of selfishness we have is ALL WRONG. We associate being selfish with guilt and greed. In fact, we need to be selfish in order to be the best version of ourselves… in order to offer the best of ourselves to one another, and to the world!

Maybe most people are not allowing enough time for themselves to dream?

but dreaming – is the greatest secret…

creative_visualization21. Have a Wish (Desire)

2. Create the Dream (visualize)

3. Release the Dream to higher mind (faith and commitment) while still retaining the visualization.

4. Take constructive action (take control and direct your dream)

written as a formula:

desire + dream + faith + commitment + action = success

So far, it has worked great for me!

My only problem is, I tend to become “ungrounded” very easily.

what does the term un-grounded mean you ask?

To be ungrounded means the soul is not in the body. It means someone is upset, angry, spacey, frustrated, or emotional in some form or another. This person is not experiencing the now. Typically, when we are ungrounded, we are thinking about something else besides what we are doing or being right now. “The Now” is all we really have. It’s usually experienced in a seemingly negative way, but not always. Sometimes we can just not be here – our soul is off somewhere else. 

there is a lot of repercussions to becoming ungrounded.

Not feeling grounded feels like waking up on the wrong side of the bed of your life. You’re not necessarily always in a bad mood (although, this is possible too) but everything just feels weird and off colour. The lights are on, but nobody is home. You’re spinning your wheels, but not getting very far. Your emotional compass is broken.

You don’t feel very stable.

You don’t know how to feel, and often just react on impulse.

Your inner dialogue (the way you talk to yourself in your mind) is not very nice (to say the least).

You find it hard to accept your own feelings or anyone elses feelings.

Suddenly, another persons opinion of you becomes very important.

You get defensive.

You feel indecisive about your life. From big life decisions (should I stay or should I go?) to the smaller, but equally important, ones (What do I want for lunch?). You want to decide, but you just don’t know!

People keep hurting your feelings.

It’s hard to fall asleep/ stay asleep/ wake up.

You think it’s a great idea to think about the most stressful and emotional things right before you sleep.

You feel very sensitive to other people’s moods and energies, often finding yourself riding their mood swings, just trying to keep afloat.

You cry too much.

Think about traffic. How many people are driving around every day thinking about something else and not about their driving? Probably most drivers. This is why we have so many accidents. People are not paying attention to what they are doing. They are not grounded.

If you find yourself feeling “Ungrounded” here are some ways to quickly become centered and grounded in there here and now 🙂

1.  Stop and Observe. There is no argument that our mind and body are connected.  Tune into your body at different times throughout the day and simply take notice of what is going on inside, without judgment or trying to “find” a way to change your current state of being.  Just notice your thoughts and feelings and accept them for what they are.

2.  Take a Few Deep Breaths. After you notice whats happening in your body, simply take a couple of deep breaths, filling and emptying your lungs completely.  Imagine your breath filling you with energy. Close your eyes if that feels good.  Continue to notice your mind/body sensations and visualize yourself as calmer and more grounded.

3.  Walk on the Ground Outside. Many of us spend our time inside and/or on the upper floor of a building. If I don’t consciously walk downstairs and physically connect with the Earth, sometimes it’s hard for me to get grounded.  So, when I have rampant thoughts or a feeling of being unsettled, I take a walk outside and feel the Earth beneath my bare feet. Instant grounding.

4. Get in Water. The negative ions present in H20 increase the flow of oxygen to our brain resulting in stress-relief, higher alertness and more mental energy. So, jump in the pool, swim in the ocean or take a relaxing bath.  It’s almost impossible not to feel more grounded when you connect your body with water.

5.  Practice Yoga. The act of practicing yoga allows us to become more grounded.  Try a few sun salutations that connect us to the sky, then fold in half and place your hands on the floor, imagining yourself connected to the Earth.  Visualize these opposites as you close your eyes and practice.  Through yoga asanas, or poses, we instantly become connected to our bodies.  You don’t need to necessarily practice for an hour to feel these effects; try it for 3 minutes and see if you don’t feel more grounded.

6.  Write Affirmations. The daily practice of writing affirmations, especially in the morning, imprints into our subconscious what we want to manifest into our life. Write a few positive “I” statements for the day, and one of the mainstays is “I am grounded.”  By writing this positive thought daily into your journal, you will find that during the remainder of the day you are more grounded.

The benefits of feeling grounded, and taking time to dream are enormous. We can become self-aware enough to remember to stop, notice, take a few deep breaths, feel our feet on the ground.. and become aware of the desires held in our heart… those desires are the whispers of your souls yearning for growth and fulfillment through this experience. A Balance of dreaming and grounded-ness brings a sense of peace and wellbeing that will enrich your life tremendously.

Do you spend enough time dreaming?

Do you find yourself grounded every day?

What are some things you might do to find a balance between the two?


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