Divine Guidance on Your Life’s Path

bigstock-College-Student-Study-In-The-C-45513874Yesterday I went to my 3 hour long summer math class that is four times a week, for four weeks. I am halfway through, and the funny thing about this class (or not so funny?) is that it is actually my fifth attempt taking a beginner algebra class. Yes, it sounds ridiculous because anyone who is good at math will tell you how “easy” algebra is. Well, not for the creative-type, like myself. Or at least thats what I have been telling myself for the past 4 attempts. I have had two tests so far, and I have a A average right now in the class (WHOOP WHOOOOP)!

This will be me in NO TIME!

This will be me in NO TIME!

It took everything I had to even go back to college at all, I was feeling so discouraged – I began to believe all sorts of self-sabbotaging limiting beliefs like I wasn’t “smart enough” or that “College just isn’t for me”. After a good hard look at myself, and my life, I began to acknowledge the old beliefs that I was holding onto, and releasing them, and essentially reprogramming my thoughts. I re-wrote those ideas in my head, I began to use affirmations like, “I am very intelligent and I can accomplish anything I desire!”. I was going to school for all the wrong reasons before. I was doing it for my parents, not for myself. Once I decided that getting a college education was something I really wanted to do for myself & my future, and truly believing I CAN DO IT, everything else seemed to fall into place!

For instance, after class yesterday, I had an appointment to see a counselor in the career services department because I wanted to ensure I was pursuing the correct major for my holistic wellness/child care center. I was sitting in the office waiting to be called by the counselor, and instead of turning to my phone for entertainment – I decided to take a few deep breaths (it was peaceful enough) and set forth an intentions for what I wanted to gain from the interaction I was about to have with the counselor. I closed my eyes, and intended to have a meaningful, informative, and productive conversation.

Shortly after, a wise older man with the dreads past his knees comes to greet me – and I enthusiastically jumped out of my seat with joy! We strolled over to his office, and immediately, I am taken back! The walls were covered in ancient figurines and artwork from all over the world, posters of mindfulness practices, ancient pharos and books on self-healing were just everywhere! I knew immediately this man believed in the same universal truths as I. He called me out first, saying I must be the creative type judging by the look on my face when I entered his office!

He did not sit at his desk – but in a chair across from me, which made me feel a sense of equality, instead a sense of intimidating hierarchy, which I could have easily have felt just by knowing his position of authority within the university & by the wisdom I knew he possessed. In a calm, meditative, mindful voice, he asked me what I wanted to do, and why I was there. I explained to him my GRAND vision, and he guided me with few, carefully selected words as to what I should do to support my vision, and re-assured me that I was on the right path. His words stuck to me like glue, “If you are into holistic self-healing practice, then you understand that your thoughts become your reality, and you can achieve whatever you believe.” And although I have heard this phrase time, after time – I felt like spirit was speaking through this mans voice. I left that office feeling inspired, uplifted, and with a sense of KNOWING that I Am exactly where I am suppose to be at this moment in time. I Am on the path to fulfill my life’s purpose, and that is the best feeling in the world!

I once heard that there needs to be an even exchange from Bashar, one of the great teachers that inspires me regularly. An even exchange, meaning that, when you are given a gift like I was, of inspiration and support – you should give that back. I now bring you Bashar’s video that will open your heart, and bring you inspiration to achieve your highest calling. Namaste ~ until next time 🙂 peace & blessings!


One thought on “Divine Guidance on Your Life’s Path

  1. i liked this post and your willingness to try “dreaded” (I am a college prof) algebra again. 🙂 I especially liked the part where you made a conscious decision to not be on your phone, but rather focused your intentions. Good luck!

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