Tune Into Yourself this Fall

Let’s face it, we have a tendency to get caught up in all of the chaos around us. September – October – November has this ‘unstoppable’ energy about it. We are always on the move, going to work, school, and checking off the items on our never-ending to-do list.

Since I am just getting back into a routine lifestyle – after having had the past 6-7 months to myself to restore, rebalance, and heal myself (It felt like what I imagine retirement to feel like, hehe) it was as if time went from slow motion into full speed.

When every day was in slow motion, essentially time didn’t even exist, (what the hell is monday? It feels like saturday  everyday LOL) I was able to fully observe the season changes and how it directly affects our mood and behaviors. When you become more attuned with yourself, you become very much aware of how you are feeling. Time ceases to exist, the only indication you have of what time it is, is our natural environment. The sunrise indicates morning – time to rise and give thanks to awaken another day. The fall of dusk makes us aware that it is time to go inside, eat and rest. The temperature of the day dictates what season it is, and so forth.

Now lets ask ourselves, how many of us are really attuned to ourselves – and how our natural environment is affecting our mood? Or have we become more attuned to the television set to let us know how to feel about our day?


What if you unplugged or (((disconnected))) yourself from the newspapers/television/mass media?

I’m not saying to never check the weather again, but to stop feeding into all the other stories the news has to report about how you should be living in fear of the outside world, shopping for school clothes, getting vaccines, ECT.

First, you would be bored. I know I was at first. No more facebook, no more negative news stories, or celebrity drama to numb your brain with nonsense, or to provoke emotions from you. You will ask yourself, what the heck do I do now?

Second, your brain will fill up with all kinds of crazy mind-chatter trying to tell you what you SHOULD be doing. LEARN HOW TO SHUT OFF MIND CHATTER!

Third, you will, naturally, become MORE aware of how you are feeling.

Maybe you have been so caught up in work, school, running around, or other nonsense that you are not even aware of feelings that you are holding inside, and neglecting to acknowledge and release. These feelings don’t go away. They just get buried deeper within yourself, hindering you from experiencing the world the way you are meant to!

Here are 4 Simple Steps to get back In-Tune with Yourself

STEP 1. Be Aware of how YOU are Feeling All Day, Every Day. How can you give the best of yourself in everything you do, if you are not in a good place? It’s not possible.

STEP 2. Tend to YOUR Needs. Do Something for Yourself Every Day – as soon as you wake up!

It can be 5 minutes of inspiration, music + dance, a bath, meditation, good food, grattitude, getting some sun, reading a passage in your favorite book, exercise, yoga, or something that YOU know will make you feel better. Nobody knows what you need better then you + your body! For example, I like to go running or walking in nature. Before I run/walk, I do some yoga to get my energy up and flowing. I take that time for myself to breath deeply, and to just be fully present in my beautiful environment. I am not worried about the past, or the future. I am simply focused on making myself feel good. It always works 🙂

STEP 3. Feeling Great + Inspired! 

Congrats, by taking that time for yourself, you have automatically raised your vibration to a higher level and become more centered! Now you are in a place to be of assistance to others, because you are coming from a place where you feel good. and because of your new found awareness of feelin’ good mojo, you cannot be knocked down by others so easily, simply because you care about yourself too much to allow others to affect you in a negative way. You will remove yourself from toxic people, and attract more happy fun-loving people (like you) into your life.

STEP 4. Taking on the World

YOU ARE READY – BY BEING THE BEST VERSION OF YOURSELF – TO PUT YOUR HEART AND ENERGY AND EFFORT INTO ANY TASK OR SITUATION! When you give your all into everything that you do, the results will astound you! Just be careful – as soon as you start to lose your feelin’ good mojo, its time to go back to step 1 + 2 and recharge your batteries.

love yourself first




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